Basement Zero Advising Services


We provide know-how to support high tech businesses:


  • Idea to Market
  • Process Improvement
  • Test and Measurement
  • Quality Control

Our experience includes developing and taking to market complex systems and semiconductor components, which incorporated multidisciplinary fields such as photonics, electronics, RF, and MEMS.
In particular, we can help in the areas listed below:

Idea Validation

We help you determine if your idea can create a sustainable business and attract funding.

We also provide support for data analysis and validation

Product Development

We are passionate about product strategies. We conduct Phase Reviews to ensure that your product can move forward to the next level. We also provide feedback on prototypes and define product specifications.


Quality control and financial forecasts depend on data accuracy. We can help with tough measurements and accuracy estimations in your production line.


We have expertise in process improvement and statistical quality control in production lines.

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